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Woman killed on I-95 when car sandwiched between 2 tractor trailers in New York
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MDD update – Change-of-address functionality to be added
USPS Enters Peak Holiday Season with Strong Delivery Performance Across All Categories
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Postal Service completes install of package-sorting machines
Biden and Postal Service eye opportunities and obstacles in EVs
Investigation finds recent absenteeism at postal centers, including Baltimore, ahead of holidays
USPS Expands Daily Package Processing Capacity to 60 Million; Mail Delivery Performance Remains Steady as Holidays Approach
Lawmakers want to make sure the postal service is ready ahead of holiday season after 2021 issues
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New Jersey men engaged USPS employees to steal from the mail, in exchange for compensation, credit cards and debit cards
Norwegian postal service to deliver mail using robots
Speed hiring and shuttle buses: UPS is removing roadblocks to make sure packages get there
U.S. Postal Service Holiday Preparations
USPS demand for seasonal workers drops after building up career workforce for holidays
Actually, TSP investors, it’s a great time to bury your head in the sand
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