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Monthly TSP Returns

Average Time to Deliver Across Postal Network Steady at 2.4 Days
The future flow of the postal network: An inventory of potential RPDCs, LPCs, and S&DCs
IRS Announces Big Increases in Health Savings Account (HSA) Contribution Limits for 2024
USPS Reintroduces Online Discounts, Eliminates Loyalty Program
Postal carrier earns a save on his Inwood route
Lawsuit Seeks Damage Relief Over TSP Website Problems
USPS Cleared to Raise Rates in July
USPS records $1.8 billion loss during second quarter of fiscal 2023
USPS Service Improvements Remain Solid for All Categories
Senators Demand Postal Inspection Service Provide Stronger Protections When the Public Sends Letters and Packages
Many Suspended Postal Facilities in Extended Limbo, Says Report
Wyoming Senator Lummis Wants Answers From USPS
Rep. Dan Newhouse (R-WA) Introduces the United States Postal Service Shipping Equity Act
US lawmaker proposes allowing US Postal Service to mail alcoholic beverages
Postal Service provides an implementation update on the S&DC plan
US Postal Service outlines next steps to becoming ‘the preferred delivery provider’
Turnover among Non-Career Postal Employees Still High, Report Says
Organizational Strategy Video/Transcript of PMG DeJoy’s Keynote Address During the 2023 National Postal Forum
Stamping Out Counterfeit Postage
U.S. Postal Service dealing with skyrocketing cases of change-of-address fraud
U.S. Postal Service’s Plans to Resolve Post Office Suspensions
USPS Mail Carriers Pushing Back Against Planned Pay Cuts
D.C. appeals court declares restrictions on USPS customized stamp program unconstitutional
Postal Service Delivery Continues to Average 2.5 Days
U.S. Postal Service Launches Service Performance Dashboard
Postal police, who used to combat mail theft, have had limited power for years
Government Oversight Committee: Amidst Reforms, U.S. Postal Service is in a Better Position Than Two Years Ago
USPS fake site scam targets workers making changes to payroll system
Roughly $1 million stolen from at least 460 postal workers in fraudulent website scheme
Sen. Cruz (R-Texas), Rep. Weber (R-Texas) Introduce the USPS Act
DeJoy says USPS regulator’s network consolidation probe puts financial targets in ‘jeopardy’
Postal Service announces plans to remove & relocate processing equipment
Nancy Mace Asks Postmaster DeJoy If It’s ‘Appropriate’ For Postal Workers To Face Safety Risks
Sen. Rick Scott Reintroduces Bill to Curb the Flow of Fentanyl Through U.S. Mail
PRC Releases Report and Dashboard Analyzing Postal Service’s FY 2022 Finances
Watch this 1967 film of a folk-pop group introducing Americans to the ZIP code
USPS vows no layoffs in its ongoing network consolidation effort
Previewing the first wave of Regional Processing & Distribution Centers
Postal Service shares a new list of S&DCs and spoke offices to be converted in June and September
A $2 gel pen can thwart would-be ‘washers’
Famous Postal Employees
Clearing up a few misconceptions about S&DCs and EVs
2023 USPS Pay Dates and Leave Year
2023 Federal Holidays
U.S. Postal Service Reveals Stamps for 2023
The Revolt of The Good Guys – The Great Postal Strike of 1970